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Art Restoration and Cleaning

Over time a work of art can suffer from environmental damage. Dust and other air born pollutants adhere to its surface and cannot be removed with a simple dusting. In the past your work of art may have been exposed to soot in the air. A painting may have been varnished some time ago and this may have yellowed over time.

To bring a work of art back to life, to how it would have appeared when it was painted, the surface can be cleaned by a specialist. Removing dirt and degraded varnish is a meticulous process that requires the talent of an experienced restorer.

Oil Painting Cleaning Example A:

Damage to a work of art may be more serious. A tear in the canvas, a puncture or flaking and loss of paint can be remedied by an expert. If the support (the canvas) of a painting is weak it can be reinforced with re-lining. Tears can be repaired and areas where paint has flaked of can be meticulously repainted.

Before CleaningAfter Cleaning

Art Cleaning Before & After

Oil Painting Cleaning Example B:

Restoring a work of art means putting it back into its original condition. Restoration can turn a dull and unimpressive picture into a sparkling and powerful addition to your home.

Before CleaningAfter Cleaning

Art Cleaning Before & After

Paper Conservatory

Art Cleaning and Paper TreatmentTreatments include dry cleaning, water washing, stain reduction & removal, tear repairs, loss restoration, liquid paper pulp treatments, lining, adhesive removal, aqueous and non-aqueous de-acidification, UV bleaching, humidification, flattening, and in-painting.

Also a preventative approach for newspaper print, a treatment to help prevent yellowing.

We employ a minimal approach to treatment, using only reversible materials and techniques.

Some of the services we offer:

Oil and Acrylic paintings

  • Varnish removal, clean, condition, and re-varnish
  • Repair of tears, holes, and missing paint
  • Re-stretching

Paper Artwork:

  • De-acidification
  • Cleaning
  • Tape and stain removal
  • Reversal of foxing
  • Re-lining and repairs


  • Restorations
  • Alterations
  • Duplicate prints

Bring your work of art to Creations Gallery for a full consultation on what can be done to restore it so that it becomes a jewel in your collection.


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