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Project Description

Fiona Hoop

Fiona Hoop ImageProfessional Artists in their own right, Mary Kennedy and Michele Woodey began working together in the year 2000. They were commissioned to create site-specific installations combining painting, photography and interior design. This successful partnering led to a deeper exploration of collaborative painting; a concept which has its roots in the early Surrealist artists’ technique of passing a piece of work back and forth. Each artist contributes an element in turn, until the chemistry is complete. The individual elements must blend seamlessly and harmoniously, as in a musical orchestration. Fiona Hoop is a pseudonym for an ever-evolving duet exploring abstract, collage, encaustic, landscape, figurative and still-life. The work is exhibited and sold in New York, Dallas, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Toronto and Vancouver.
Fiona Hoop

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