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Group of Seven

Group of Seven Canada

Group of Seven

Group of Seven — sometimes known as the Algonquin school — were a group of Canadian landscape painters from 1920 to 1933.

Other Artists Associated With Group:

The Group of Seven held their last exhibition together in 1930, and most of the members went on to refine and redefine their own unique styles.

405, 1890

Franklin Carmichael

Franklin Carmichael 1890-1945

Some of the finest of Carmichael’s work is the countryside and rural buildings around his hometown. Like A.J. Casson, Carmichael documented our rural Ontario and its architecture. A member of the Group of Seven, his […]

2310, 1885

Lawren Harris

Lawren Harris 1885-1970

Born in Brantford, Ontario October 23 1885; died January 29 1970.

After three years of study in Germany he returned to Toronto where he began his career by depicting houses in an impressionist style.

Harris’ technique and […]

210, 1882

AY Jackson

AY Jackson 1882-1972

Alexander Young Jackson, born Montreal October 1882; died 1973.

He became a well known as a Canadian landscape painter, specializing in scenes of the rugged Canadian wilderness.

After studying at the Institute of Chicago and Europe, he […]

1205, 1873

JEH MacDonald

JEH MacDonald

James Edward Hervey MacDonald (May 12, 1873 – November 26, 1932), known as J. E. H. MacDonald, was a Canadian artist and one of the founders of the Group of Seven who initiated the first major […]

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