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Jerzy Werbel

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Jerzy Werbel attended the University of Poland, studying Education and Art, where his career as a painter was initiated. After several years of developing work in Poland he decided to embark on a drastic resettlement to Canada through Germany. After a considerably difficult move, he established a studio space in the South West Region of Ontario. During this time, he developed a noteworthy perspective of his newly acquired homeland. Over the next 20 years he would traveled across Canada indulging in the lush visual landscapes, and enjoying his freedom. Jerzy now continues his explorations throughout this country, which he now calls his own.

Received a master’s degree in education from University of Szczecin in Poland.

Jerzy Werbel Artist Statement:

“At first glance our land is a seemingly peaceful utopia. It’s violent nature of constant evolution is so subtle to the eye it is often overlooked. Our land is a continuous installation, both a burial ground and a place of birth. I admire the static illusion our landscape represents. My work is a documentation of nature’s latest installment.”

Inspired by the vast Canadian landscape, he creates lasting works of art using high-quality materials and his innate talent.

Not growing up here in Canada, he was not schooled on the art styles of the Canadian, Group Of Seven. So the reference to the windswept tree is more of a passionate interpretation of the beauty and rugged contrast of the landscape.  He also feels is “push and pull” immigration to Canada has made him look and feel like the trees he paints.

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