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Peter Markov

Born in the city of Tula, Russia, 1962.  Both of Markov’s parents were teachers and greatly supported and encouraged him in all of his endeavours.

From an early childhood, he took a great interest in drawing and was soon enrolled in an art school where he studied fine art and graphic design.  He became a very talented student and dreamed often about his artistic future.  In 1980 Markov moved from Tula, to St. Petersburg, Russia, to continue his studies at the prestigious university, The Academy of Design.

There he graduated in 1985 and began working for a number of art galleries in Russia.  Markov’s worked immediately attracted attention, especially his watercolours, and oil on canvas paintings.  Recently Markov has been working in a more contemporary style, using encaustic and other mixed media to produce work, which is constantly testing new waters.

Peter Markov has participated in many exhibitions in Russia, and other countries around Europe.  His paintings are in many private collections, located in Poland, Germany, Sweden, Russian, the U.S.A., and Canada.

Please email us for Prices  Price Range $600 – $4,000

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