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"Rustic, weathered woods edged with urban sophistication inspired by the Taos Seven"


Urban Loft

Urban Loft is a new collection of moulding that features three designs with authentic elements found in naturally weathered and distressed wood. Expert craftsmen apply the texture and layers of translucent color directly onto the wood providing numerous design combinations in both modern and traditional décor.

Urban Loft2015-09-11T21:39:22+00:00

Single Mat

When mats were first introduced to framing, they were all a single layer. Today it is much more common to use two or three layers. Single mats are probably used most on high end art where the frame designs are simple and classic, not decorative. Single mats also have application [...]

Single Mat2017-02-03T21:58:34+00:00

Double Mat

Double mats allow you to add an accent color that can be used to help draw attention to the art by outlining it. However, a double mat can be made using two of the same colour for a more subtle look.

Double Mat2017-02-03T21:58:34+00:00

Triple Mat

When using three layers, you have even more opportunity to use color, but once again all the layers can be the same or you can sandwich an accent color between two of the same colour

Triple Mat2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00

Mat with Fillet

Fillets are narrow mouldings used as an accent, either inside the lip of a frame or more often in mat openings. Fillets have more depth than mats and finishes comparable to frames so they are useful to coordinate with the frame for a highly customized look.

Mat with Fillet2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00

Mat with Spacer

Spacers can be added between mat layers for extra depth. The spacers can bring out inherent depth in the art, such as a landscape with perspective. It can also add actual depth to accommodate an object or dimensional art.

Mat with Spacer2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00
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