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Fabric Mats

Fabric covered mats can add a richness to your frame designs that paper surfaced mats may not provide. Fabrics can be used on art, photos, etc. They are nearly always used when framing objects. When choosing which fabric to use, consider the subject matter, era, and be sure it sets off [...]

Fabric Mats2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00

Bottom Weighted Mat

  A bottom-weighted mat is one where the border below the image is wider than the borders above and beside it. This technique is used both for aesthetic and functional reasons. When an image has darker colors, larger shapes, or more texture or pattern in the lower half than it does in the upper [...]

Bottom Weighted Mat2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00


An elongated mat has a wider border both above and below the art. Elongation tends to look best on images that are vertical or those which have strong vertical lines.


Franklin Carmichael

Some of the finest of Carmichael's work is the countryside and rural buildings around his hometown. Like A.J. Casson, Carmichael documented our rural Ontario and its architecture. A member of the Group of Seven, his early period works use a rich paint impasto, glowing with colour. Carmichael loved the natural pattern that he discovered [...]

Franklin Carmichael2018-07-24T13:04:35+00:00

Lawren Harris

Born in Brantford, Ontario October 23 1885; died January 29 1970. After three years of study in Germany he returned to Toronto where he began his career by depicting houses in an impressionist style. Harris' technique and subject matter changed radically after a trip in 1918 to northern Ontario. He painted the rugged landscape [...]

Lawren Harris2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00

Clarence A Gagnon

Born in Montreal and began studying art in 1897 with William Brymner at the Art Association of Montreal. He went to Paris in 1904 to study at the Académie Julian. For the following several years Gagnon traveled throughout Europe painting with the style of the Impressionists that he would later apply to his paintings [...]

Clarence A Gagnon2017-02-03T21:58:35+00:00
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