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* Manufactures intensive.

* Only for a limited time.

* Ask for detail at the frame counter.

Mouldings Options

Picture Frame Moulding Choices

Time-honored classics,

…to the latest trends.

New frames can bring new life to pictures. Re-framed familiar treasures instantly seem like as if they were new additions to your décor. Suddenly you will see things in your art and memorabilia that you have never noticed before. The effect of frames is truly magic

Today, framing a new art acquisition and re-framing an old one is a foolproof and simple process. With new technology you can see what your selected frame will look like on your work of art. You can even see how the newly framed picture will look when it is installed in your home

Matting Options

Picture Frame Matting Choices

Making the correct colour choice is just the beginning. The correct width is the key, it can truly stage the art correctly.

Specialty Finishes

Fabric Mat A

Filet Added

Mat with Fillet B

Great Colours!

Dramatic Look

Double Mat A

Fabric Mat

Mat with Spacer A

Bottom Weighted

Great Colours

Matting Impressions

Specialty Finishes

Multi Openings

Add A Second Colour for an added effect

Make a Black & White Look Fantastic!

Or Add A Accent Colour

Matting Designs

Give your art the correct stage presence

Our collection of design ideas can help with some concepts that you may not have originally considered. The conversation at our design counter my come up with something truly encore ready.
Matting Designs
Glazing Options

Picture Framing Glazing Choices

One of the most important decisions you will have to make after, selecting a frame.

Reduced Reflection Glass

Without Reflection Control Glass


With Reflection Control Glass

With Reflection Control Glass

The Correct Glass Choice

One of the greatest modern inventions in framing!

Revitalization of Watercolor and Art on Paper. Not just protect it, make it look more vivid.
The Correct Glass Choice
Almost Infinite!

Picture Framing Design Options

Nothing makes a home look and feel more comfortable then a picture on the wall. Not just any picture but something truly you. Custom framing makes that picture truly yours.

  • Framing and Installation ideas for Traditional Home

    Framing and Installation ideas form, Traditional Home February/March 2014Photography by John Granen, Written By Lisa Gregan, Produced by Linda Mumphrey with Eleanor Roper

  • Design Trends for 2017

    Framing Design Trends 2017

    Framing Design Trends 2017 Harmony in NatureWhat does it look like?Bring the outdoors in.Sculptural hardwoods and aquatic accents.Textiles with natural fibers, weaving, and heavy artisanal influencesMouldings that work in harmony with this trend: Aura, Birchwoods, Panzano A Curated JourneyWhat does it look like?Antique malls, flea markets, and craft fairs.Ancestral keepsakes and historical mementos.Vintage metal, bras, and copper bring the journey to life.Moulding that speak to this vintage vibe: Brimfield, Spoleto. Retro UrbanWhat does it look like?Innovative design mixed with practicality.Old items repurposed with a sleek and modern twist.Geometric patterns, refurbished mid-century modern furnishings and décor.Use of brass, copper, black iron, and gold.Moulding [...]

  • Framing Ideas Memorabilia

      Frame your Hero! What better way to pay tribute to the special people who defend our country. This can be a birthday present for a veteran or a way to honor someone who is no longer with us.

  • Unique Framing Ideas

      If you would like to have a home filled with personality and one-of-a-kind treasures, custom framing can easily help you achieve it. Many people just have things like art, photos and diplomas framed, but nearly anything can be framed in some fashion. Your local custom framer can create special frame designs to address your unique style and space, to provide the best framing solutions for each item you bring to them

  • Framing Etchings and Sketches

      When framing either of these art forms, it is customary to use mats and place the art behind glazing, either glass or acrylic. The scale of the frame should be relative to the size and line qualities in the art. Tip: Etchings and sketches are made up of fine, delicate lines that can easily be overpowered by frame designs using strong colors or patterns. Use neutral mats and frames with more delicate patterns or textures. Be sure to use conservation materials to protect these pieces of original art.

  • Object Framing Ideas A

        Graduations aren't just from high schools or colleges. In fact, they aren't just for people! This frame pays tribute to a dog who graduated from a special training program. 

OUR EXPERTISE will Help You through all these Choices!

Picture Frame Moulding Choices
Picture Framing Mat Choices
Picture Framing Glazing Choices
Picture Framing Designs, …Almost Infinite!

An Exciting New Way to Select Frames Through Visualization Technology

With advancement in technology we at Creations Gallery are now able to show you in advance what your work of art will look like when framed in the style you have chosen. This cutting-edge system reduces guesswork so that you don’t have to rely on your imagination which, in the past, might have led to some surprises. To confirm that your choice of frame is going to work exactly in the way you want in your home or office you can try it out virtually in its eventual location.

See IT FRAMED before you buy!

From this, to this, in 10 seconds!

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Sports Mirabella Framing

Framing of authentic sports memorabilia and custom framing of all sorts of sports. Whether you are looking for pre-framed college sports memorabilia or custom framed with photos added.


The frame of a picture is its crowning glory.

The best frame for a work of art is one that transforms it from merely being excellent to being truly spectacular. The perfect frame is one that works to enhance an image, suits domestic décor and corresponds with the collector’s taste.

Hand Made Frames

Corners without joints

Custom Finishes

Made to measures sizes

Custom made to suit the art perfectly

These hand made frames are constructed to fit the art, with finishes available in 24 kt gold. Finished corner frames both document the history of fine art frames and offer contemporary collectors a new way to showcase their finest pieces.


Frame Repair & Art Restoration

The experienced team at Creations Gallery is skilled in advising on all matters regarding your prized art whether you have a single piece or a collection. Damage and deterioration of art is an occasional unfortunate result of environmental conditions.

We can suggest ways to prevent such occurrences and if they do happen we have the skills to assist you in having your work restored to its original condition. In the case of damaged frames we are equipped to restore them on site


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