Matting for Picture Framing:

Only Artcare matboard protects your art and photos from fading and yellowing caused by air pollutants.

Just like UV glass protects art and photos from damaging sunlight, Artcare protects them from harmful air pollution. Over time pollution seeps into frames and causes art and photos to fade, yellow or even deteriorate. We’ve all seen this happen, especially as pieces get older.

See the difference when Artcare is not used:

Most people don’t realize that air pollution inside a home can be worse than outdoors, where air can flow. Only Artcare products contain patented MicroChambers, that proactively trap and neutralize these harmful gases. Artcare stops air pollution in its tracks – and keeps it away from your photograph or artwork. The result is a framed piece that stays forever young.

From a independent lab test, the images above were exposed to concentrated does of nitrogen dioxide, the most common air pollutant. Both were tested in the same testing chamber for the same length of time. Neither were exposed to light during testing. The results prove the proactive performance of Artcare Age-Defying products.

The Difference:

Artcare™ Archival MatboardsOTHER Archival Matboards
Slows art and paper degradationYESNO
 Neutralizes acid by-products
Protects against damaging pollutantsYESNO
Acid-free and lignin-freeYESYES
Fade and bleed resistantYESYES
Buffered to maintain alkaline pHYESYES

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